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The association

The Association of Swiss Taxidermists (VSHP / ASPH / ASPU) is the only representative of the interests of this professional group in Switzerland. His core tasks include the qualitative training and further education of human taxidermists in the areas of anatomy, pathology and forensic medicine.

In addition, it is the only provider of a training structure for human taxidermists in Switzerland and thus guarantees a high level in this area of technical assistance and also ensures appropriate young talent.

The VSHP emerged from the Association of Swiss Anatomy - Pathology Preparators (VSAPP). It was founded in 1985 and currently has around 50 active members, 3 honorary members and 6 veterans.

The board

Thomas Rost

President, Board of Auditors

Marco Gagliano

Vice President, member of the audit committee

Charlotte Master

Secretary, member of the audit committee

Anna Auernhammer

Recorder, webmaster

Ralf Silberbach


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