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Association of Swiss Human Taxidermists

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The human taxidermist, or medical taxidermist, has an eventful history behind him. The ability to prepare and preserve human bodies and body parts developed alongside the advances in medicine. In ancient times, researchers and doctors “dissected” corpses to study the body and for training purposes.

In the Middle Ages, when surgery was separated from medicine, the practical execution of an autopsy was the responsibility of the prosector (dissector). Afterwards, the practical and technical activities were again taken over by doctors and the prosector was pushed out of the dissection table.

The 19th century brought many new developments in the field of preparation and with this came a rise to the status of a partner for surgeons and anatomists. The human taxidermist once again became the right hand of the researching and teaching doctor. Due to the further development of many techniques, a gradual separation between prosectors and taxidermists occurred in the 20th century. The human taxidermist's own profession was thus able to emerge.

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How do you become a human taxidermist?

Probably the most common question we are asked...

Unfortunately, in Switzerland, human taxidermist is no longer a training course with an apprenticeship as we know it today. First you need a company where you can be trained. At the same time, self-study forms the largest part of the training. Further training courses (voluntary) and internships (mandatory) are part of it and if you meet the specified criteria, you can ultimately take an examination to become a human taxidermist with a federal certificate. Complete a specialist certificate.

Since completing initial training is necessary, you will normally be paid like a trained person.


Further information

About the specialist disciplines of forensic medicine, pathology and anatomy (see Career information) you can find out a lot of interesting facts about our profession.

Der Begriff "Human Präparator" wurde bisher, zumindest in der Schweiz, wie die auf dieser Seite benutzte Schreibweise angewendet. Alternativ kann auch als Ableitung vom Wort "Humanpräparat" im Duden die zusammenhängende Schreibweise "Humanpräparator" verwendet werden. 

Schreibweise Human Präparator
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