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April 2024 On Saturday 13 April, this year's association training took place at Winterthur Cantonal Hospital. The small number of participants came together over coffee and croissants. After welcoming everyone, Anna presented the functions and operation of our new association website. Thanks to her, the huge increase in information and functions on our website can now also be found in the members' area of our website. Katrin Schmid then presented a very rare tumour disease. In this particular case, two metastasising malignancies occurred independently of each other. This was followed by an important keynote speech by Dr Kathrin Gerlach on the topic of ‘Ethics in the profession’. This covered fundamental topics for our profession such as legal aspects, ethics in dealing with the deceased and ethical behaviour in the profession. After a short break, PD Dr Peter Bode gave us a very interactive introduction to the study of malformations in the normal physiological development of the embryo, with numerous case studies. We were given an insight into the Bundeswehr's military pathology collection in Munich, which contains unique evidence of war injuries from the First World War, and this brought the morning programme to a close. After lunch together in the KSW hospital canteen, we were taken on a guided tour of the Winterthur Nature Museum by its director, Mrs Daniela Zingg. Mrs Zingg introduced us to important exhibits and their history and explained many interesting aspects of an exhibition. The last item on the programme, a visit to the workshop of our science colleague Claire Gohard, was also really worthwhile. In addition to the description of her work processes in the production of various specimens and the materials used, the discussion of the training opportunities for scientific taxidermists in France and Switzerland was particularly informative. Our sincere thanks go to all those who were actively involved in the organisation and implementation of our 2024 training event. Special thanks are due to our generous host PD Dr Peter Bode and, as on-site organiser, our treasurer Ralf! T. Rost You can find the impressions in the picture galleries.

March 2024 On 1st March 2024, the first VSHP workshop for colleagues in training took place at the Anatomical Institute in Basel. The topics of this workshop were the common preparation techniques of maceration and corrosion. With four registrations, this workshop was almost fully booked. Thanks to the translation work of our Vice President Marco Gagliano, the event could also be held in two languages. A perfectly prepared seminar room was available at the Anatomical Institute. After the participants had arrived and a short coffee break, our colleague Peter Zimmermann gave a presentation explaining the historical development and different methods of maceration. Afterwards, everyone was allowed to lend a hand and remove filigree chicken skulls. Peter was always on hand with help and advice and the morning flew by. After lunch together in the neighbouring IRM, the afternoon's topic was corrosion technology with colleague Roger Kurz. Roger presented various methods in a historical context and outlined contemporary possibilities with the corresponding materials. This was followed by a practical session on mixing the plastic used with the hardener, binding the cannulas and the delicate filling of pig kidneys. The day ended with a look into the Institute's dissecting "treasure troves" and a visit to the Anatomical Museum. For this successful event, the main protagonists Peter Zimmermann and Roger Kurz deserve an express thank you for their exemplary commitment to passing on specialised knowledge in theory and practice. We would also like to thank Marco Gagliano for his translation work and Prof Müller-Gerbl for making the whole event possible. You can find the photos of the workshops in the picture galleries.

January 2024

Registration for the 2024 professional examination is now open. The announcement can be viewed in the internal member area.

October 2023

After an interesting excursion in the Moulage Museum Zurich  hold the mini-GV in the Linde Oberstrasse restaurant. In addition to a pleasing number of new active and passive members, we were able to hand over a federal specialist certificate this year!

July 2023

A board meeting was held in Friborg where it was jointly defined how expenses should be handled within the board.

March 2023

At the last extraordinary general meeting the board newly elected. 

The redesign of the website was also started. You can view the old version of the page at the following link: 

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